Actor Byun Yo Han Won The Best Actor Award At The 22nd Busan Film Critics Association Awards.

Byun Yo Han won the Best Actor Award at the 22nd Busan Film Critics Association Awards ceremony held on December 10 for the movie ‘ The Book of Fish ‘The Busan Film Critics Association Award is awarded by the Busan Film Critics Association, the only regional critic group in Korea.

Through his agency Saram Entertainment, Byun Yo-han said, “First of all, thank you for giving me such a great award as a treasure trove.

He continued, “I remember the happy times while filming The Book of Fish. Even now, if I close my eyes and think about it, the sound of the sea and the passionate passion of the staff glimmer in front of my eyes. While filming this film, I realized that even small stories can become great memories with true friends.”

Also, “Acting these days is so much fun. Of course, there are times when it is difficult, but I will become an actor who works even harder, and I will work hard. Thank you for the award. I hope you have a good year-end.

The movie ‘ The Book of Fish‘ is a period drama directed by Lee Jun Ik that sheds light on the Joseon Dynasty scholar Jeong Yak-jeon, and Byun Yo Han plays Chang Dae, a young fisherman who wants to escape the sea and go on a career path. Byun Yo Han, who challenged a black-and-white film for the first time since his debut, wrote a book of The Book of Fish with scholar Jeong Yak Jeon (Seol Kyung-gu) and expressed Changdae’s passionate desire and sincerity to go out in the world through delicate inner acting, even the Jeolla dialect in the play. It was perfectly digested, and the reaction was called a smoke that was colored in black and white. In addition, Byun Yo Han’s deep acting that we can feel the sincerity received praise in delivering a strong resonance to the audience.

In the meantime, Byun Yo Han has acted in a wide range of roles across the stage and screen in various works such as dramas ‘Misaeng: Incomplete Life‘, ‘Six Flying Dragons, and ‘Mr. Sunshine ‘which proved his solid acting skills. In particular, as the lead role in the recent movie ‘Voice‘, he showed immersive action acting, making himself an irreplaceable one-top leading actor. In this way, regardless of genre, actor Byun Yo Han has established his own filmography with excellent acting and unique character interpretation for each work. A lot of anticipation and interest is also focused on the future steps he will show.

Meanwhile, Byun Yo Han is waiting for the release after filming the movies ‘Hansan: Dragon’s Appearance‘ and ‘She’s Dead‘, and is currently filming the drama ‘Snow White Must Die’.


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