IU Expresses Gratitude After Winning Two Awards In 2021 MAMA

Singer IU won two awards at the ‘2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards‘.

On the afternoon of December 11th, the ‘2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards‘ (MAMA) was held with great success at CJ ENM Studio Center in Paju, Gyeonggi-do.

On this day, IU won the Best Female Singer Award and Best Vocal Performance Award

IU, who could not attend MAMA, conveyed her feelings about the award through a video instead.

IU said, “(MAMA’s trophy) It’s heavy and looks like gold. I have these at home. I feel good and responsible every time I see them. This year two awards double my happiness. “

She said, “I think it was a year where I particularly tried to work harder on my music. Thank you again for the wonderful awards at the end of the year. And whenever I release a song, you fans listened to it and promoted it. I believe there are a lot of voting at the end of the year. Thank you so much Uena for voting for me all the time. “ she added.

In addition, IU, who has an extraordinary love for her fans, also expressed her gratitude to her Uena (fandom name).

She thanked Uena, who listens to her albums every time and promotes her, and said, “For next year, to return Uena’s love. I will take care of myself and stay healthy. So I can share a good and and healthy songs with you. “

Next, IU congratulated all the artists who attended MAMA and thanked them for showing them a good stage.

Meanwhile, IU has been active this year by releasing her 5th full-length albumLILAC‘ and digital single album ‘Strawberry Moon‘.



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