“Descendants of the Sun” Was Actually Supposed To Star With These Actors, Not Song Joong Ki

“Year-round Live” talked about several obstacles that “Descendants of the Sun” encountered before it was released on screen.

The broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Year-round Live” aired on December 10th introduced films and dramas that made big hits after overcoming various hardships and struggles.

The work that ranked No.1 on the list was drama “Descendants of the Sun”, which created numerous famous lines and legendary scenes. In fact, there were many hidden twists and turns during the production of this work.

According to the broadcast, screenwriter Kim Eun Sook discussed the production plan with SBS first but was rejected. In addition, there were many difficulties in the casting for the role of Captain Yoo Si Jin. At that time, the production team wanted an actor with a charismatic and bulky image. Accordingly, they contacted Gong Yoo, Jo In Sung, Kim Woo Bin, and Lee Min Ho, but all of them refused to appear in the drama because it was a soldier character and that the filming, pre-production could take quite a long time.

In addition, the filming was suspended once due to Song Joong Ki’s injury. “Descendents of the Sun”, which was broadcast after such ups and downs, gained huge love from global viewers and recorded the highest rating of 46.6% for its last episode.

After “Descendents of the Sun” ended, Song Joong Ki reportedly received about 100 CF offers and earned around 100 billion won a year. As a result, this movie topped the list of hit dramas/films that gained sweet after bitter.



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