6 Unfortunate K-Drama Second Lead Male Which Makes Our Heart Break

These K-drama second male lead characters will make you experience the second lead syndrome.
Second male leads in Korean dramas are often warm, kindhearted guys with stunning visuals, yet can’t end up winning the hearts of the female leads. Let’s take a look at the 6 most memorable second male leads that break our hearts seeing their fate.

  • Gye Sun Woo (Bae In Hyuk) – My Roommate is Gumiho

Playing the college senior of the female lead Lee Dam in My Roommate is Gumiho, and having a tall and good-looking appearance, Sun Woo easily captures the viewers’ hearts.

At first, the fact that he reached out to the female lead only because of his curiosity and places a bet on her love with his friends probably doesn’t imprint a good impression on the audience. But a character development that happened in the later episodes, Sun Woo develops real feelings for Lee Dam. He even quits smoking because she does not like the smell of the cigarettes. He is always willing to offer his shoulder for her to lean on. But obviously, Lee Dam ends up with the male lead, while Sun Woo decides to leave the country to study abroad. The connection established between the female lead and the second male lead makes those fans who are on Team Sun Woo feel dismayed for the fact that these two were unable to be the endgame, but it’s hard not to accept that Lee Dam is meant to be with Shin Woo Yeo!

  • Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Seon Ho) – Start-Up

Depicting the story of the two main characters who embark on a start-up journey to prove themselves and achieve aspirations, Start-Up became a hit drama around the end of 2020.

In the drama, “good boy” Ji Pyeong stands out for his stunning appearance and intelligence from a young age. When he grows up, he establishes himself as a successful team leader at a technology investment company. He is also thoughtful and always caring to the female lead Seo Dal Mi silently. Although he behaves like he doesn’t like her, the truth is he always hide her true feelings for Seo Dal Mi. Kim Seon Ho‘s character seems to be more ideal than the male lead so viewers are rooting for him to be the endgame for Seo Dal Mi. But, Ji Pyeong failed to win the heart of the female lead.

  • Han Seo Joon (Hwang In Yeop) – True Beauty

The drama revolves around the heroine Im Ju Gyeong (Moon Ga Young), who was frequently condemned and teased for her appearance. After transitioning to a new school, Im Ju Gyeong practiced makeup to change her appearance. She quickly established herself as a pretty girl and became the center of attention on her new school. She was also courted by the two most popular boys in the school Lee Su Ho (Cha Eun Woo) and Han Seo Jin (Hwang In Yeob)

Im Ju GyeongHan Seo Joon’s romantic “moments” filled the film from small things such as Han Seo Joon smiling shyly when Im Ju Gyeong tied shoelaces for him, or Han Seo Joon making dumplings to compete for a “ticket” to be the son-in-law of Im Ju Gyeong’s parents. Although True Beauty ended with the heroine Ju Gyeong finding her true happiness, the scene of Han Seo Joon crying painfully on the stairs made viewers unhappy.

  • Hwang Sun Oh (Song Kang) – Love Alarm

Love Alarm revolves around the story of a technology that enables users to discover love through an application that notifies users when someone within 10 meters has romantic feelings for them. In the drama, the character Sun Oh (played by Song Kang) was built to be like the heroine Jo-Jo at first sight. He always “gave away without getting back” and uplift Jo Jo whenever she feels down or sad.

Then because of her self-deprecation, Jo Jo broke up with Sun Oh despite his suffering, pain, and begging. When Sun Oh was waiting for her in the midst of the cold winter, Jo Jo was still selfish with her own thoughts that caused him to cry. However, their love became a solid “springboard” since Jo Jo’s psychological development happened later. The love story of Sun Oh – Jo Jo may have ended unfinished, but it was undeniable that it made the viewers sad.

  • Yoon Ji Hoon (Kim Hyun Joong) – Boys over flowers

Surely you’ve heard of the Korean hit drama about the love story of a “Cinderella” with the top Korean chaebol that was broadcast more than 10 years ago!

We can clearly see the character Ji Hoon – the grandson of the president at that time, with his attractive and elegant appearance, exceptional musical talent, and a deep love for the female lead of the drama. His affection for Jan Di is visible in his eyes and actions. Then when Jan Di and Goo Jun Pyo fell in love, he gave way and put his feelings aside but he still cares for Jan Di. Ji Hoon’s love for Jan Di makes viewers sympathize with him.

  • Yang Do Hyuk (Chae Jong Hyeop) – Nevertheless

Nevertheless is a Korean drama that tells the love story of a young girl Na Bi (Han So Hee). She falls into an ambiguous relationship with “bad boy” Park Jae Eon (Song Kang) on where he likes to date but doesn’t want a serious relationship.

In addition to the main couple, viewers were rooting for Do Hyuk – who always considers Na Bi as his first love. Do Hyuk is a “good boy”, who always tenderly takes care of Na Bi, cares about her feelings, and respects her, unlike the male lead. Na Bi’s decision to choose Jae Eon (Song Kang) in the last episode stimulated anger among fans.


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