Actress Yoo In Na Donates 50 Million Won To Help Children With Hearing Impairments

Actress Yoo In Na announced the start of a warm year-end by continuing her sincere donations for children with hearing impairments for three years.

On December 7, Yoo In Na donated 50 million won to the social welfare organization ‘Snail of Love’.

This is not the first time Yoo In Na has donated to deaf children. Since 2019, Yoo In Na has donated a total of 230 million won to support artificial cochlear surgery for deaf children.

With Yoo In Na‘s help, 20 children have been able to hear sounds through surgery and device support so far, and more children are expected to receive support in the future.

In addition, Yoo In Na continues to do good in various fields. It has donated the proceeds of pictorial for children in Africa, provided meals for undernourished children through the Salvation Army charity pot, and delivered funds for victims of heavy rain and flood victims. In addition, Yoo In Na‘s steady good deeds, such as donating her voice to numerous documentary narrations and Naver audiobook campaigns, has become a role model for many.

‘Snails of Love’ is an organization that provides artificial cochlear surgery and hearing aids to hearing-impaired children to find sounds, supports social adaptation of children who have heard of sounds, and educates the public to improve awareness.

Meanwhile, Yoo In Na starred in the dramas ‘My Love from the Star’ in 2013, ‘My Secret Hotel’ in 2014., ‘Bubble Gum’ in 2015, ‘One More Happy Ending’ in 2016, ‘Touch Your Heart’ in 2019, ‘The Spies Who Loved Me’ and finally he is one of the cast for the upcoming drama ‘Snowdrop’ in where Jisoo and Jung Hae In will take on the lead roles.


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