Actress Kim Hyang Gi Looks Gorgeous In Her Latest Agency Profile Picture

Actress Kim Hyang Gi released a new profile picture full of colorful charms.

On December 8 Jikim Entertainment, the agency of Kim Hyang Gi released a new profile picture of her. Kim Hyang-gi’s new profile captures public attention by showing completely different charms of Kim Hyang-gi, showing both chic and innocent concepts.

Kim Hyang Gi in the first published photo showed charisma like never before by stylishly digesting a black top and suit. In particular, Kim Hyang Gi, who digests the modern atmosphere of the black color outfit in a chic yet chic manner, shows a pose that is as good as a model and draws attention. The calm and urban look doubled the charm of Kim Hyang Gi, who was more mature and captured the hearts of viewers by radiating a calm charm through black and white images.

In addition, Kim Hyang Gi, who neatly digested the styling that matched jeans with a white color outfit and striped shirt, exudes an innocent yet elegant atmosphere and filled the profile with a uniquely fresh, and lovely charm.

Kim Hyang Gi, who radiates a completely different charm through the profile and attracts attention with her beauty that sounds as much as the acting that makes a “trick” sound, is planning to visit the small screen with the JTBC drama “Fly Up Butterfly”, and a new profile picture. The public is paying attention to what kind of acting he will continue in the future, who has foretold active activities.

On the other hand, ‘Flying Butterfly’ is a drama that depicts the stories of people who love ‘me’ and people who try to love me from now on, based on a beauty salon that is common and visited by everyone. The audience’s expectations are high for the acting.


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