Actor Kim Dae Myung Signed An Exclusive Contract With The United Artists Agency

On December 6, UAA said, “We are joining the irreplaceable actor Kim Dae-Myung. I will do my best to make Kim Dae-Myung soar even more.”

Kim Dae-Myung is an actor with excellent acting skills that are recognized by himself. No matter what kind of work or character he will be given, he makes it like his own and adds depth and immersion to the play. Kim Dae-Myung is loved by the public as an actor who can nail both good and evil roles.

Kim Dae-Myung, who made his debut in the play ‘Come to the Haunted House’ in 2006, surprised the audience by playing the voice of terrorist Park Shin-woo in the 2013 movie ‘The Terror Live’. Even though his face did not appear once, he was able to control the kimchi of the play with only his voice. Then, through the character Kim Dong-Sik of the tvN drama ‘Misaeng’, the name of ‘actor Kim Dae-Myung was clearly marked on the public.

Since his two works, Kim Dae-Myung has been active in all directions, crossing the screen and the small screen. Movies such as ‘Target’, ‘Rebel’, ‘Beauty Inside’, ‘Inside Men’, ‘Pandora’, ‘Thaw Ice’, ‘Golden Slumber’, ‘Drug King’, ‘Stone’ and KBS 2TV ‘Sound of the Heart’ He has proven his acting skills and presence regardless of genre.

In particular, through the tvN ‘Hospital Playlist’ series, which recently ended in season 2, he even showed romance and captivated viewers.


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