‘Squid Game’ Actor Lee Jung Jae Praised By Netizens In His Recent Appearance In ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’

Actor Lee Jung Jae, who is gaining worldwide popularity through Netflix‘s ‘Squid Game‘, drew attention for his mannerism.

On December 2nd, on the YouTube channel ‘Daily Soul English’, a video was uploaded saying, ‘Actor Lee Jung Jae who appeared on a talk show in the US, there is an uproar in the comment window.’

The video contained Lee Jung Jae, who recently appeared on the CBS talk show ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert‘ in the US.

Lee Jung Jae, who appeared as an introduction by Stephen Colbert, showed off his tall physique in a suit.

Soon, Lee Jung Jae bowed his head politely toward the audience and gave a ‘Korean Greeting‘ and received an applause.

Domestic netizens who saw this applauded Lee Jung Jae‘s actions with YouTube comments such as “It’s good to greet you in Korean (oriental style)”, “I think it’s okay to show your identity as a Korean”, ” Lee Jung Jae is cool”, “You look elegant” .



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