Netizens Outraged Over Jung Hae In’s Recent Interview About ‘Snowdrop’

In only 2 weeks, JTBC’s Snowdrop, starring Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo will officially air its first episode. But Jung Hae In’s recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine, his controversial answer regarding upcoming drama “Snowdrop” has caused him to face criticism.

Jung Hae In was asked if he studied or did some research on the events of 1987 – the time period Snowdrop is set in, to which he responded, “I was born in 1988. Therefore, I could not go through 1987 myself. There’s a lot of work using that timeframe as a backdrop, but I think the real answer will be in the script itself. Once I’ve read through the script thoroughly, I’ll be able to draw a picture of it in my head. What’s more important is that, through the drama, I can feel how amazing the props team and costumes team are.”

Jung Hae In’s somewhat superficial answer has caused him to encounter heavy criticism. Korean netizens claim that Jung Hae In saying he studied history through the script is hilarious and the fact that he did not study the background of the drama through actual history materials shows that he was not taking his role seriously.

Here are some comments from Korean netizens on Theqoo:

“This shows that his brain is empty”
“I have never left a comment on any posts related to Snowdrop, but his answer shocked me. How could he act in a work set in 1987 if he didn’t study its history”
“Jung Hae In is so dumb that everything he says sounds like nonsense”
“He wanted to sound smart but his answer is just so messed up”
“Are the props and costumes that important to you? The script should be the most important”
“Jisoo is carrying the entire drama at this point”
“Is Jung Hae In saying that we can find the answer in the script of a drama that is distorting history?”

Meanwhile, Snowdrop is a desperate love story set in Seoul in 1987 of Su Ho, a student from a prestigious university who suddenly appeared covered with blood in the women’s dormitory, and Young Ro, a university student who hid and treated him in this crisis.

Snowdrop is scheduled to air every Saturday and Sunday starting from December 18 both on JTBC and Disney+.



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