Lee Seung Gi Revealed To Have An Obsession With Exercising Even He Has Busy Schedule

Lee Seung Gi revealed that he was forced to exercise even after a difficult filming.

In the SBS Entertainment program ‘All The Butlers‘, which was broadcast on the afternoon of December 5th, Hong Hye-geol, a medical reporter, and Esther Yeo, a doctor, met and talked about immunity.

On that episode, Lee Seung Gi shared,  “I have a mindset that I should exercise at least 5-6 days a week. Even when there was a filming every day, I forced myself to fill it.”

Kim Dong Hyun further explained, “We know each other because we often talk to each other. (pointing to Lee Seung Gi). He likes to exercise the most and is healthy, but if you look at his schedule, he often stays up at night, and even in difficult situations, he uses his energy to exercise.”

Lee Seung Gi said, “I’ve always lived my life that way, so in a way, I think it become an obsession.”

Esther Yeo heard this and said, “You shouldn’t exercise when you’re overworked like that. Exercise is good for the body, but if you stay up all night and have a tight schedule, you need to take a break from exercise to boost your immunity.”

Lee Seung Gi defend himself, “But it seems to be compromising with myself. Because I always do it.”

But Hong Hyekyul  and Esther Yeo said together, “No. You have to rest”



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