APink’s Eun Ji Decided To Stop Using ‘Dear. U Bubble’ Due To Stalker

Jung Eun Ji, who suffered from stalker decided to stop using Lysn’s ‘Dear. U Bubble’.

On the 2nd, through the private message platform ‘Dear You Bubble’, Jung Eun Ji ‘officially mentioned’, saying, “I have something important to talk about today.,” is belatedly known, causing fans regret

At the time, Jung Eun Ji said, ” I have been rethinking using ‘Bubble’.”

She continued, ” I thought ‘Bubble’ was a comfortable means to communicate with Pandas, so I have been using it as much as I could. But unlike the healthy intent, there seem to be some people who can’t live their life because they are so overly attached and invested with this app.

Pandas are a nickname for Jung Eun Ji‘s fans. Jung Eun Ji, who was usually active in communicating with fans, recently expressed a situation that seemed to have suffered due to stalkers.

Finally, Jung Eun Ji said, “Sometimes they show up at a specific place, crossing the line that other fans are protecting. Things like that have stressed me out more than I thought so I don’t think I’ll be using the service after December.

Meanwhile, Jung Eun Ji took on the role of Kang Ji-gu in the TV original series drama ‘Drunken City Women’, which ended recently, and was loved by her skillfully digesting the ‘curvy lines’.


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