Kim Seon Ho’s Big-Screen Debut Movie ‘Sad Tropics’ To Begin Filming On December 10

Actor Kim Seon-ho‘s screen debut movie ‘Sad Tropics‘ will start filming on December 10th.

‘Sad Tropics‘, directed by Park Hoon-jung, begins filming on December 10th. On December 4th, after script rehearsal, the production will start in earnest. New actors selected through audition Kang Tae-joo, Kim Seon-ho, Kim Kang-woo, and Go Ara are confirmed to appear.

The action noir ‘Sad Tropics‘ is a new film directed by Park Hoon-jung of ‘The New World’, ‘The Great Lake’, ‘Witch’ and ‘VIP’, and it is also Kim Seon-ho’s screen debut. He will play a character named Gwi Gong Ja  (Nobleman), which will appeal to a different charm from the TV drama.

Kim Seon-ho, who quickly emerged as a popular star but was recently embroiled in a privacy controversy, dropped out of the other two films he was scheduled to appear in, and after a long discussion, he decided to participate in ‘Sad Tropics’ and became a hot topic.

Among them, Lee Hwa-bae, a film distribution expert, posted a magazine article about the filming of the movie ‘Sad Tropics’ along with Kim Seon-ho’s photo on his SNS on December 3rd and said, “I’m happy as a fan to see this profile picture in a movie magazine. got a new face with a big fandom,” he wrote, drawing attention.

Meanwhile, at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards (AAA, Asia Artist Awards) held on December 2nd, Kim Seon-ho showed his potential to win two popularity awards, such as the AAA RET Popularity Award and the U+ Idol Live Popularity Award. However, he did not attend the awards ceremony as if he was conscious of the recent privacy controversy.

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