‘Snowdrop’s New Poster Was Filled With Star-Studded Casts

JTBC released a new poster for their upcoming drama ‘Snowdrop‘.

The production team of ‘Snowdrop‘ released a group photo. The photo consists of a black and white version where you can see all the 23 cast members for the said drama.

In the center, Jung Hae In (Im Soo-ho) wore a black suit while Jisoo (Eun Young-ro) wore a dress and stares . Meanwhile, actor Yoo In Na, who plays the role of surgeon Kang Cheong-ya, amplifies curiosity with glasses, a suit, and an expressionless face. In addition, actor Yoon Se Ah, who appears as the dormitory superintendent ‘Pi Seung-hee’, draws attention by transforming herself into a haircut with a short perm.

The 23 cast members showed off their individuality with different hairstyles, outfits, and expressions. Jang Seung Jo, who transformed into ‘Lee Kang-mu’, a stubborn single-headed and anti-aircraft investigation team leader at the Ministry of Security and Public Administration, as well as Jeong Yu Jin as ‘Jang Han-na’, a member of the anti-aircraft investigation team who made an impact with a short short hair, here is the mascot of the Lake Women’s University dormitory and telephone operator ‘Gye Bun-ok’ Kim Hye Yoon, who plays the role, also stands out.

Besides, Heo Jun Ho as ‘Eun Chang-soo’, Park Seong Woong as ‘Nam Tae-il’, Kim Jeong Nan as ‘Hong Ae-ra’, Jeong Hye Young as ‘Jo Seong-shim’, Baek Ji Won as ‘Choi Mi-hye’, Lee Hwa Ryong as ‘Ahn Kyung-hee’, and Joo Gyeok-chan’ Kim Min Gyu as ‘Eung-cheol’, Jang In Seop as ‘Eung-cheol’, Shin Sang Hye as ‘Go Hye-ryeong’, Kim Mi Soo as ‘Yeo Jeong-min’, Choi Hee Jin as ‘Yun Seol-hee’, An Dong Gu as ‘Choi Byung-tae’, Heo Nam Joon as ‘Oh Gwang-tae’, Kim Man Dong The powerful actors such as Kim Jong-su of ‘, Nam Mi-jung of ‘Oh Deok-shim’, and Jeong Yi-seo of ‘Shin Kyung-ja’ showed off their presence with different charisma.

The production team of ‘Snowdrop‘ said,

“The lively characters played by the best actors are one of the main points to watch ‘Snowdrop’.”

Snowdrop‘ is a story about a desperate love story between a prestigious university student ‘Suho’ (Jung Hae-in), who ran into a female dormitory in a bloody state in 1987 in Seoul, and a female college student ‘Young-ro’ (Jisoo) who hid and healed him. The reunion of writer Hyun-mi Yoo and director Hyun-tak Cho, who caused a syndrome in Korea with ‘SKY Castle’, is raising expectations.

Meanwhile, ‘Snowdrop‘ will premier on December 18.


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