Penthouse’s Han Ji Hyun And Bae In Hyuk In Talks To Star In New SBS Drama ‘Cheer Up’

Bae In Hyuk and Han Ji Hyun has been cast as the lead roles in upcoming drama SBS drama ‘Cheer Up’.

According to a report on Spotify News and News 1 on December 1st, Bae In Hyuk and Han Ji Hyun is discussing positively after being offered the lead roles in the upcoming SBS drama ‘Cheer Up‘ (written by Cha Hae-won, directed by Han Tae-seop).

“Cheer Up” is a mystery romantic comedy drama that will revolve around a once-leading university cheering squad. It will showcase the story of the use of dance on our youth.

Han Ji Hyun, who previously appeared in the SBS ‘Penthouse’ series, drew attention when she said that she was offered the female lead in ‘Cheer Up’. Among them, Bae In Hyuk, who is trending every day, is also expected to add his name to the lineup, and interest is already paying attention to their synergy.

‘Cheer Up’ will start filming early next year. The arrangement is still undecided.

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