Here’s The Real Reason Why BLACKPINK’s Rosé Didn’t Like Thick Eyebrows

There was a reason why BLACKPINK’s Rosé made her eyebrows lighter when her beauty stood out.

Recently, on the YouTube channel of style consultant ‘Larry’, a video was posted on BLACKPINK’s Rosé as a star who doesn’t look good with thick eyebrows.

In the video, Larry said, “When I explain the atmosphere that my consulting clients want to emulate, I mention Rosé a lot. That’s why I’m going to do a makeup analysis following my hair analysis last time.”

Comparing Rosé‘s early debut with the present, the mood has changed. In particular, Rosé attracted attention with her alluring charm in the recently released album ‘R’.

Rosé’s distinctive feature is that her eyebrows are short. In the recently released photo of Rosé, her eyebrow color is almost identical to her skin tone, so the impression is not strong enough.

On the other hand, if you look at Rosé’s early debut photos, both her eyebrows and hair color were dark. In this appearance, the short length of the eyelids was further emphasized, giving a slightly sharper and stronger image.

So, what kind of makeup should you do if you have short eyelids like Rosé? “If you have short eyelids, you can do makeup by raising your eyebrows, but it is also a way to remove the color of your eyebrows,” he explained.

With one eyebrow, Rosé shows off a strong and sexy image when dark, and a mysterious and delicate atmosphere when soft.

In the case of Rosé, when putting shadows, put them horizontally and emphasize the underline, and make the eyebrow color as light as possible.

Netizens who saw the video responded, “Rosé looks much better with blonde hair and light makeup like now than when she wears dark eyebrows with black hair” and “It’s amazing how the image changes so much with just one color.”


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