Entertainment Industry Officials Reveals It Was Song Ji Hyo’s Own Choice To Cut Her Hair

After actress Song Ji-hyo transformed into a ‘short haircut’, fans complained about it, and her staff is being cursed. When the staff was unfairly criticized, Song Ji-hyo‘s aides opened their mouths to counter it.

According to AtStyle on November 30th, several celebrities in the entertainment industry testified that “Song Ji Hyo changed her style at her own will.”

An entertainment program official explained, “This short haircut is a style that Song Ji Hyo tried to change”.

Another broadcast official said, “She wanted this latest short hairstyle to give a change in her style. If she didn’t like her hairstyle, then she would not have posted on her social media as well.”

Another entertainment official added, “With her years of experience as an actress, staff members or hairstylists can’t tell her to do this and that. She would have gotten that hairstyle of her own will.”

In the SBS entertainment program ‘Running Man‘, which was broadcast on November 28th, Song Ji Hyo, who took on a short haircut for the first time after her debut, was drawn.

Contrary to expectations that Song Ji Hyo had her hair cut for reasons of work and pictorials, fans expressed dissatisfaction when it became known that she was trying to change her style.

Through an online community, fans even released a statement titled ‘I urge Song Ji Hyo’s styling to be improved’, even pinching Song Ji Hyo‘s makeup and outfit.

They said that the complaints and problems with Actress Song Ji Hyo‘s styling have been discussed since the past, and they can’t stand still.

Meanwhile, fans recently urged Song Ji Hyo to style her with a hair tone that suits her, and requested that she be replaced by a competent stylist.

As the fans say, netizens also responded negatively, saying, “Did you eat rats?”, “Isn’t your outfit anti-fashionable?”, “Long hair is much better,” and “I thought it was a wig.”

However, it seems that all of this is due to misunderstanding as a result of Song Ji Hyo‘s choice.



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