Kim Seon Ho Decided Not To Attend ‘2021 Asia Artist Awards’

Actor Kim Seon Ho, who was engulfed in privacy controversy, will not attend the awards ceremony.

According to AtStyle on November 30th, Kim Seon Ho will not attend the ‘2021 Asia Artist Awards‘ (2021 AAA) to be held on December 2nd.

An official from Kim Seon Ho‘s side told the media, “Kim Seon Ho had been contemplating attending the awards ceremony until recently, but decided it was too early to attend.”

At the ‘2021 AAA‘, Kim Seon Ho won the ‘RET Popularity Award‘ in the male actor category and the ‘U+Idol Live Popularity Award‘ twice.

In the award category determined by online fan voting, Kim Seon Ho took first place early, so the award was certain, and interest in whether to attend or not was gathered.

However, it seems that Kim Seon Ho has decided that it is still burdensome to appear in front of the public, as he has recently stopped working due to controversy over his privacy.

In October, Kim Seon Ho was embroiled in a privacy controversy, such as asking his ex-girlfriend to have an abortion.

The revealer complained that she had been dating Kim Seon Ho since last year and even got pregnant, but had no choice but to have an abortion due to Kim Seon Ho‘s insistence.

However, as the content of the message she had with her ex-girlfriend was reported, public opinion toward Kim Seon Ho was reversed, and advertisements that had been suspended were resumed.

Kim Seon Ho also got off before filming in some works, but he decided to continue his appearance in the movie ‘Sad Tropical’, his first screen debut, and is about to start filming on December 10th. 


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