Jung Hae In Shares The Reason He Still Continues To Act In His Latest Pictorial With GQ Korea

Actor Jung Hae In revealed a soft masculine beauty.

Men’s fashion magazine GQ Korea released a pictorial with actor Jung Hae In and a French high-jewelry brand.

In the pictorial released this time, Jung Hae In created a natural yet intense mood and captivated the attention with his masculine eyes. Among them, Boucheron‘s jewelry was perfectly digested in his own style, and he overwhelms the atmosphere of the scene with his pictorial craftsman-like appearance.

In particular, Jung Hae In created a chic atmosphere by wearing a short tie necklace in the black suit styling in the pictorial, or layered four classic and original design rings and a unique mood bracelet to show luxurious and luxurious jewelry styling. .

In the interview published along with the pictorial, He shared his beliefs about his work as an ‘actor’. “Ever since my debut, I’ve consistently asked myself, ‘Why does Jung Hae In act? Why are you doing this kind of work? Why are you continuing to do it?’ I keep asking these to myself. Ultimately, it’s because it’s fun, it’s enjoyable, and it makes me happy. However, the more I do it, I find that I don’t want to just be happy by myself, but also want the people watching and the people I work with to feel happy with me. At the end of the day, it’s not something you do on your own.”

Finally, for his keywords of 2021, Jung Hae In picked “working hard” and “trying new challenges.”

Meanwhile, Jung Hae In is scheduled to make a comeback to the small screen through the JTBC drama ‘Snowdrop‘, and all of the high jewelry that Jung Hae In showed in the pictorial can be found at the Boucheron Boutique.



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