Upcoming JTBC Drama ‘Snowdrop’ Releases Photos of Jung Hae In, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, And More From The Cast’s First Script Reading

Actor Jung Hae In and ‘BLACKPINKJisoo collaborate with CRT. Jung Hae In will greet you with charisma and Jisoo with lovely charm. 

On November 29th, JTBC’s ‘Snowdrop‘ (writer Hyun-mi Yoo, director Hyun-tak Cho) released a script reading video. Jung Hae In, Jisoo, writer Yoo Hyun Mi, and PD Cho Hyun Tak gathered in one place. 

PD Cho said, “I will become a director who is always comfortable and can talk about anything.” Writer Yoo said, “It has been 12 years since I had this material in my heart. I will use it really hard.” 

Jung Hae In played the role of Im Soo Ho, he grew up in Germany and is a student from a prestigious university. He has sweet charisma and a gentle smile, but it seems like he has a lot of secrets.

Jisoo played the role of Eun Young Ro, a freshman in the English Language Department at HoSoo Women University. She is the mood maker in room 207 in the dormitory. She fell in love with SuHo at first sight when she was hanging out with her roommate.

In particular, the acting battle between Jang Seung Jo and Yoon Se Ah was also impressive. They are able to meet the excellent performances of many other actors.

Jang Seung Jo showed the role of Lee Kang Mu, he is the team leader of the National Intelligence Service who likes discipline.

Yoon Se Ah takes on the role of Pi Seung Hee, she is the scary dormitory superintendent at HoSoo Women University.

Kim Hye Yoon transformed into Gye Boon Ok, she is the telephone operator at HoSoo Women University. Due to her family poor background, she had to give up going to college.

Heo Jun Ho played the role of Eun Chang Soo, Eun Young Ro‘s father. Kim Jeong Nan plays the character of Eun Chang Soo‘s wife, Hong Ae Ra.

Park Seong Woong plays Nam Tae Il, secretary general of the Aemin Party, and Jeong Hye Young plays Nam Tae Il‘s wife Jo Seong Shim

The production team of ‘Snowdrop‘ added, “The actors with excellent acting skills breathed in a highly completed script. It was the best moment. Please look forward to the actors’ chemistry.”

Snowdrop‘ is the desperate love story set in Seoul in 1987 of SuHo, a student from a prestigious university who suddenly appeared covered with blood in the women’s dormitory, and YoungCho, a university student who hid and treated him in this crisis.

Snowdrop‘ will premiere on December 18th at 10:30 PM.



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