Squid Game Actress Kim Joo Ryeong Exudes A Provocative And Sexy Atmosphere In Her Recent Pictorial For Avenuel

Actress Kim Joo Ryeong revealed a bold atmosphere through a pictorial.

On November 27th, Kim Joo Ryeong‘s December Issue pictorial with luxury fashion magazine Avenuel was released.

In the published pictorial, Kim Joo Ryeong perfectly digests bold accessories matched with colorful outfits such as red shirts, jumpsuits, and silk dresses, and doubles the alluring charm with an intense red lip.

In addition, as well as a charismatic expression that fascinates those who see it, it exudes a provocative and sexy atmosphere with various poses, revealing the qualities of a pictorial craftsman to enhance the completeness of the pictorial.

In an interview following the photoshoot, Kim Joo Ryeong said, “I plan to greet the viewers with ‘Go Seon Mi‘, a reticent and loyal secretary in JTBC’s new drama ‘Artificial City‘, which is scheduled to air on December 8th. ‘Squid Game‘ was released while filming was in full swing. Seeing the two characters that contrast so much, the staff said they had fun,” sharing her plans for the future and the filming anecdote of ‘Artificial City‘.

Then, when asked if there is a gift she would like to receive in December, Kim Joo Ryeong said, “The fact that I received a lot of love and attention this year alone means that I have already received a great gift. I will end the year with a grateful heart, whether the small daily life that the whole family spends together in a pandemic era is a gift that everyone dreams and desires.”

Kim Joo Ryeong, who has been loved by fans around the world through the Netflix original series ‘Squid Game‘ this year, is continuing to work tirelessly to repay that love with steady and colorful activities.

Through JTBC’s ‘Artificial City’, which will be aired for the first time on December 8, as ‘Go Seon Mi’, she plans to visit the public with another new charm and reliable acting skills.



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