Gong Yoo’s Agency Denies Rumors About The Actor Having A Date With Taylor Swift In New York City

Gong Yoo‘s agency made a statement amid allegations that actor Gong Yoo enjoyed a New York date with pop singer Taylor Swift.

Gong Yoo‘s agency, Management Soop, told MK Sports on the afternoon of the 26th, “Gong Yoo has not been to New York City recently.”

Earlier, online allegations were raised that Gong Yoo and Taylor Swift were dating in New York.

In this regard, Gong Yoo dismissed the allegation, saying it was ‘groundless’.

Gong Yoo has been immersed in filming the Netflix original series ‘Sea of ​​Silence‘ in Korea until recently, and is currently preparing for promotional activities.

Meanwhile, ‘Sea of ​​Silence‘ starring Gong Yoo will be released on December 24th.

After hearing the news, many netizens gathered to a popular Korean online community, theqoo, to discuss this rumor. Netizens commented, “Who spread such a nonsense rumor? lol,” “This is so random. This is more like someone’s wish, lol,” “What? So random,” “This was spread through a rumor account known to spread false information. I guess this was so random that it got attention,” “This was so out of the blue but I wish it was real,” “I wish Gong Yoo would appear in Taylor Swift’s music video,” and “This person’s imagination is….lol.”



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