‘Squid Game’ Actor Wi Ha Joon Radiates Sexy And Charismatic Vibes In His Recent Pictorial For ‘BRISTON’

Actor Wi Ha Joon, who sweeps the hearts of women with his sexy yet charismatic acting in Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’.

Wi Ha Joon, who has been reborn as a global trending actor, impressed with his masculine and sexy mood in a pictorial with French fashion watch ‘BRISTON‘.

In a pictorial published through ‘The Star Magazine‘ on November 25th, Wi Ha Joon digested BRISTON’s various Club Master Collections in his own style.

In the pictorial with the theme of ‘Wi Ha Joon’s Time‘, he showed a variety of looks, from classic suits to casual and dandy boyfriend looks with the colorful and vivid BRISTON Clubmaster Collection.

In particular, he created a unique atmosphere by wearing a black suit with BRISTON‘s best-selling Clubmaster Classic Green product.

The deep eyes that seemed to fall into it further emphasized the chic yet luxurious watch in three dimensions and exploded the synergy of the past.

A BRISTON brand official said, “This pictorial was intended to show the colorful appearance of Wi Ha Joon, the global star of ‘Squid Game’, and BRISTON’s various color palettes in contact with a wide acting spectrum.”

The product in the pictorial worn by Wi Ha Joon is the BRISTON Clubmaster Collection, a sporty & chic preppy style item with a bold size and vintage design.

For the first time as a watch brand, cellulose acetate, a natural material with less allergic reaction, was used for the case to complete a unique and high-quality design.

Not only is it a subtle and classic point in any look, but it is also said to be a back door that catches the eye by exuding masculine charm whenever it is revealed.

In particular, BRISTON’s classic British Green products, which Wi Ha Joon matched with a black suit, stand out with a cushion-type case made of BRISTON’s own cellulose acetate, a silver colored bezel, and a bright British green colored sunray dial and NATO strap.

It is characterized by a classic yet sporty design, and has been a best-selling product since its launch in Korea.



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