SF9’s Rowoon Criticized By Netizens For Not Being Vaccinated Due To Busy Schedules

The group SF9‘s Rowoon, who is busy with activities, has been criticized by netizens when it became known that he did not receive the vaccine.

On the 25th, during a video call fan meeting, Rowoon revealed that a fan asked him if he already have a vaccine.

At the time, Rowoon said, “I haven’t had time yet. If I get the vaccine, I have to take a few days off. That’s why I’m testing the PCR once every two days.”

At the same time, Rowoon further explained, saying, “During the PCR test, they ask me to be a little gentle.”

He even made a reservation to get the vaccine, but Rowoon said, “I’m filming for KBS2’s lover, so if I get the vaccine, I have to take a break. “, he added.

In fact, Rowoon has a busy schedule every day.

Currently, Rowoon is filming for ‘The King’s Affection‘ with Actress Park Eun-bin, and recently finished SF9’s comeback.

In addition, he is scheduled to become an MC with the AOA‘s Seolhyun at the ‘KBS 2021 Gayo Festival‘ to be held on December 17th.

When Rowoon’s remarks became known, some online communities poured out harsh criticism, saying that not being vaccinated was a nuisance.

Some netizens strongly criticized Rowoon for not being vaccinated, such as “I’m working in an environment without a mask, but I get a vaccine”, “Even office workers get a vaccine while they’re busy”, “I’m sure there are a lot of people takes time to get vaccinated even if they’re busy.”

In particular, it is known that the ‘KBS 2021 Song Festival‘, where Rowoon will be the MC, was initially trying to recruit audiences who had been vaccinated, criticizing the audience, saying, “They are only accepting vaccinated audience right? Then how come the MC’s not?”

Some say that there is no reason to criticize Rowoon for not getting the vaccine, as vaccination is not mandatory.

The quarantine authorities explained, “Vaccinations are basically performed only with the person’s voluntary consent, so there is no penalty for refusing to be vaccinated.”

However, there is a sense of divergence between the guidelines of the quarantine authorities and the social atmosphere, such as singer Lim Chang-jung, who sang a congratulatory song at a wedding without getting vaccinated, and received criticism from public opinion.



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