‘Hellbound’ Actress Kim Shin Rok Leave Netizens In Awe With Her “Real Life” Beauty In Her Recent Photos

Actress Kim Shin Rok, who played the role of Park Jung-ja in Netflix’s ‘Hellbound‘, showed unrivaled acting skills.

As much as she took on a character full of fear and melancholy, she appeared undecorated in ‘Hellbound‘, but in fact, she was the owner of a great beauty.

In particular, the appearance of Kim Shin Rok at the 26th Busan International Film Festival held in October was admiration itself.

At that time, she appeared in a black dress that went well with her chic short hair and caught people’s attention.

She applied a red lip and properly matched accessories to accentuate her sophisticated appearance.

Kim Shin Rok, who exudes an ‘extraordinary wall‘ force when expressionless, radiates a lovely charm when smiling brightly.

Netizens couldn’t keep their mouths shut, saying, “It’s so atmospheric and pretty”, “You look like you’re in your 20s”, and “It’s such a cool mask.”

Meanwhile, in ‘Hellbound‘, Kim Shin Rok played Park Jung-ja, a mother who was suddenly sentenced to hell in front of her young children.

She accepts a live demonstration of Hellbound for his children, which has powerful repercussions in the world.



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