MAMAMOO Solar Talks About The Controversy Regarding Her Strawberry Mukbang on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’

MAMAMOO Solar clarified the controversy over the ‘Strawberry Mukbang‘ she posted on her channel.

In the MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star‘ broadcast on the afternoon of November 24th, MAMAMOO’s Solar appeared as a guest and opened her side about the recently talked about mukbang.

Solar said, “I had a strawberry mukbang on my personal channel. But that became a controversy. Because, I ate all the strawberries up to the top.”

She explained, “It’s too troublesome to take off the faucet and eat it. I just ate it all because it was bothersome, but the number of views exploded. They were very surprised.”

Solar said, “There is no difference in taste from peeling it.” “I usually don’t like vegetables, so I just ate them with the thought of eating vegetables.”

Upon hearing this, MC Kim Gura asked, “Do you usually like geeks?” Then, Kim Gook-jin, who was next to him, said, “If you really like geeky food, isn’t it geeky to just pick up the faucet and eat it?”

Meanwhile, in addition to Solar, Kim Young-ok, Park So-dam, and singer Jeong Dong-won also appeared as guests on MBC ‘Radio Star‘.



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