Netizens Are Praising Kim Do Yoon’s Amazing Acting Skills In Netflix Series ‘Hellbound’

As the Netflix series ‘Hellbound‘ is gaining popularity around the world, interest in the actors is also on the rise.

Immediately after its release on November 19th, ‘Hellbound‘ is gaining popularity, taking the top spot in the Netflix TV show category worldwide.

The original webtoon ‘Hellbound‘ tells the story of an unknown entity who foretells death and fulfills this prophecy.

The fresh setting and story, as well as the acting skills of actors Yoo Ah-in, Kim Hyeon-joo, and Park Jung-min, are the first contributors to the success of ‘Hellbound’.

The supporting actors, excluding the main actors, also show off their unique presence with impressive acting skills.

Among them, Lee Dong-wook (Kim Do Yoon), the leader of the arrowhead who incites people while broadcasting on a streaming platform in the play, is said leaving a strong impression.

Lee Dong-wook, the head of Arrowhead, a fanatical believer in ‘The New Truth’, dressed up with fluorescent paints and instigated people through internet broadcasting with his crazy tone and expression.

Actor Kim Do Yoon, who brilliantly digested Lee Dong-wook, who radiates madness, is already in his 10th year as an actor.

Kim Do Yoon, who made her debut in the movie ‘26 Years‘ in 2012, has played the role of a scene stealer in several works.

In the movie ‘The Wailing‘, he showed off his presence by appearing as the sub-title Yang Yi-sam, and previously worked with director Yeon Sang-ho of ‘Hellbound’ twice before.

Following the movie ‘Telekinesis’, in ‘Peninsula’, Kim Do Yoon made a public impression by playing the brother-in-law of the main character Han Jeong-seok (Kang Dong-won), Gu Chul-min.



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