Hyeri Cutely Boasts She Bought Her Staff Members Expensive iPads

Hyeri gave the staff a huge gift.

On November 19th, Hyeri uploaded a video on her official Youtube Channel entitled, ‘The day of filming a UNICEF Commercial’.

In the video, Hyeri revealed that she was visiting Sogang University to film an advertisement for UNICEF. She explained that the producer of ‘Amazing Saturday‘ graduated from Sogang University and decided to give him a call.

In the phone call with the producer, she asked him about the pros of the university and also popular restaurants around the campus.

After a short conversation to find out the good points and restaurants of Sogang University, Hyeri smiled, saying, “He must be taken aback because I asked him so many questions like this. Normally, he and I just say what we need to say and then hang up.”

When Hyeri arrived at the filming site, she showed the pictorial she had taken and shared her thoughts on the shooting. Then, Hyeri raised her voice to the staff who asked for an autograph, saying, “Say it. Tell them that I bought you an iPad”.

Then, the staff approached the camera and asked for an autograph saying, “I don’t even have an Apple pencil or even an iPad.” One of her staff members added, “Hyeri doesn’t buy things for herself, she just buys other people things”



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