Netflix’s ‘Hellbound’ Outdoes ‘Squid Game’ And Flooding With Requests For Season 2

As soon as Netflix’s ‘Hellbound‘ was released, it is getting a hot response.

Hellbound‘ is based on the webtoon ‘Hellbound‘, which was serialized from August 2019 to September 2020, and director Yeon Sang-ho wrote the story himself.

The work depicts the story of a supernatural phenomenon in which people are sentenced to hell by the messengers of hell that appeared without notice, and the religious organization “The New Truth” takes advantage of this chaos and those who try to uncover the truth of the incident become entangled.

Hellbound‘, which depicts a society where rational criticism has disappeared amid fanaticism and hate, is gaining popularity as soon as it was released on November 19th. After ‘Squid Game’, K-content predicted the global box office success, rising to the top spot on Netflix worldwide within a day of its release.

In particular, the box office speed of ‘Hellbound‘ is faster than that of ‘Squid Game‘, which ranked first in 6 days after its release.

Hellbound‘ even scored 100%, a perfect score, in the freshness index, an indicator of critics’ evaluation, on Rotten Tomatoes, an American critic site.

In response to such a hot reaction at home and abroad, requests for Season 2 are flooding in from around the world. Those who saw the work commented, Yoo Ah-in‘s acting was the best”, “This should definitely come out in Season 2”, and “I hope Season 2 will be made with the resurrected ones.”

Overseas fans also highly praised Yoo Ah-in‘s performance and strengthened the voice calling for the next Season by saying, “I can’t wait for Season 2, please make it soon.”

However, in this regard, director Yeon Sang-ho expressed caution through JTBC, saying, “It seems that the story of Season 2 is still premature.”



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