Momoland’s JooE Surprised Netizens With Her More Mature Beauty

Momoland’s JooE, who recently received attention for her beauty, drew attention with her unconventional fashion.

On November 22nd, JooE posted several photos along with the words “Mirror, mirror” on her Instagram.

In the published photo, JooE is posing in a deep black dress with a V-neck.

On that day, she showed off her sexy charm by wearing colored lenses, blonde hair and sunglasses.

In addition, she showed off her slender arms and collarbone, creating an alluring and unique lovely atmosphere, attracting attention.

Next, she caught the eye with her clear skin without any blemishes, a small face and clear features, boasting a more vibrant visual.

SNS users who saw the photo showed reactions such as “Oh, she’s so pretty”, “She’s a princess”, “It’s lovely as well”, “Oh she’s cute”, “The most beautiful these days”, “Sexy”, etc.

JooE, who debuted with Momoland in 2016, appeared in various entertainment programs and gained popularity as a ‘entertainment idol’.

Recently, unlike before, she surprised netizens with her more mature beauty.



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