Kim Seon Ho Surprised Viewers With An Unexpected Appearance In 2 Days & 1 Night’s 100th Episode

Kim Seon-ho, who got off from ‘2 Days & 1 Night‘, surprised viewers by making a surprise appearance in an unexpected place.

In the KBS2 entertainment program ‘2 Days & 1 Night‘, which aired on November 21st, the members who went on a trip to Jeju Island were drawn for the 100th episode following last week.

On that episode, Kim Seon-ho appeared in the mid-advertisement of ‘2 Days & 1 Night‘. It was an advertisement for ‘11Street‘, where Kim Seon-ho was working as a model. 

Initially, 11Street took down the advertisement video after Kim Seon-ho’s private life controversy, but started advertising again on November 1st. 

At the time, 11Street explained, “This advertisement was filmed before the issue arose. Kim Seon-ho worked as a model faithfully, and after Kim Seon-ho apologized, the other side accepted it and resumed the advertisement.”

Kim Seon-ho has been edited since the 97th episode of ‘2 Days & 1 Night’, which aired on October 24th.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon-ho is scheduled to return to director Park Hoon-jung’s movie ‘Sad Tropical’.



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