EXO’s Kai Acquired Youtube Silver Button In Just 2 Hours After Opening His Account

EXO Kai received explosive attention as soon as he opened a YouTube channel.

On November 19th, Kai opened his YouTube channel and uploaded the first vlog video containing various daily life.

In the released video, he showed the daily life at home, freediving classes, behind-the-scenes photos of commercials, and self-interiors.

As soon as Kai‘s video was posted on YouTube, fans showed a warm reaction.

In fact, Kai spit out the spirit of surpassing 50,000 subscribers within an hour of creating YouTube.

Kai, who showed a rapid increase in the number of subscribers within a short period of time, even showed an amazing record of exceeding 100,000 in just two hours of opening the channel.

As a result, Kai has the condition to receive the ‘Silver Button’, which is only given to 100,000 subscribers or more.

Not only did he increase his subscribers, but he also recorded a high number of views and climbed the top of the video rankings on November 20th.

As Kai predicted that he would upload various videos, it is likely that he will be able to occupy the ‘Gold Button‘ in a short time.

Meanwhile, Kai’s YouTube channel is recording 265,000 subscribers as of 3 pm on November 22nd. 

His first vlog video has been viewed about 570,000 times.



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