Six Celebrities Known To Have Received The Top Score On CSAT With Exceptional Looks And Smarts

In South Korea, the month of November is a crucial period for students preparing to take the CSAT, The College Scholastic Ability Test that takes place once a year annually.

Many students prepare all year round for this exam to be able to enter the college of their choice. Candidates are doing their best to manage their last-minute condition and finish learning.

Among them, the stars who scored high in the CSAT draw the attention of the examinee.

So here are six celebrities known to have received the top score on the CSAT who have excellent looks and study well, making you want to change your body even for just one day.

  1. Song Joong Ki – (380 points / out of 400 points)

Song Joong Ki impressed everyone when his school records revealed that he had a nearly perfect report card record and his teachers revealed that he was never late a day for the three years of high school. Then, after taking the exam, he received a score of 380 out of 400 on the SAT and entered Sungkyunkwan University’s Business Administration Department in 2005. At that time, Song Joong-ki was said to have beaten the competition ratio of 45:1. Song Joong-ki chose the desire to win as his secret method of studying. He emphasized that it is important to study without getting tired, saying that he is the style to work hard if he has a desire to win.

  1. Park Jung Min – (468 points / out of 500 points)

Actor Park Jung-min received 468 points out of 500 points at the time of the entrance exam. Thus, he was able to enter Korea University‘s Faculty of Humanities. Park Jung-min was able to study well with the habit of neatly organizing incorrect answers to avoid repeating similar types of problems. He also said that all of Kuk Young-soo took the test by memorization.

  1. Lee Sang Yoon – (370 points / out of 400 points)

Lee Sang-yoon did not get up from his seat until he got home from school when he was in high school, and even memorized English words during breaks. Actor Lee Sang-yoon, who boasted of his grades in the top 1% of his school days, received a score of 370 out of 400 on the CSAT. Lee Sang-yoon then entered the Department of Physics at Seoul National University in 2000. However, he graduated from Seoul National University in 2013, 13 years after taking a leave of absence and returning to school in parallel with acting activities.

  1. Im Si Wan – (450 points / out of 500 points)

Actor Im Si-wan earned about 450 points out of 500 on the CSAT, boasting the dignity of the top 10% of the nation. Based on such excellent grades, Im Si-wan was able to enter the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Pusan ​​National University. The Department of Mechanical Engineering, which Im Si-wan entered, is quite popular even within Pusan ​​National University, so, on average, the SAT score must be in the top 2 in the country.

  1. Kim Tae Hee – (390 points / out of 400 points)

Actress Kim Tae-hee graduated from Seoul National University’s Department of Clothing. Kim Tae-hee, who entered Seoul National University as a special admission, did not disclose the SAT score in detail. An entrance examination expert who appeared on tvN’s ‘List Disclosure’ in the past estimated that Kim Tae-hee’s score was around 390 out of 400 based on the data at the time of the special application. He also estimated that Kim Tae-hee’s grades were in the top 1-1.5%, given that the qualifications for special application at Seoul National University were within 3% of the national rank in the national exam scores. Kim Tae-hee set the time when she was most focused from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. and concentrated on her studies during that time.

  1. Han Ga In – (384 points / out of 400 points)

In high school, Han Ga-in was so passionate about studying that she lived in a Gosiwon in front of the school to save time commuting to school. Actress Han Ga-in, who took the entrance exam in 2001, received 384 points out of 400. She entered the Department of Tourism Management at Kyunghee University with only the test scores. Ga-in Han originally wanted to go to medical school.She said, “I wanted to go to medical school, but my SAT scores were lower than the mock test, so I was uneasy about the medical school I wanted.”



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