Netizens Shocked By The Price Level Of The Accessories Worn By Han So Hee In Her Birthday Party

The price of the accessories worn by actress Han So-hee at her birthday party was revealed.

On November 16th, Han So-hee posted a picture of herself enjoying a celebration party ahead of her birthday through her Instagram.

Han So-hee, who boasts amazing beauty, created a princess-like atmosphere by matching a gorgeous necklace and earrings with a dress.

The accessory served as a traction to make Han So-hee’s luxurious appearance more radiant.

Afterwards, however, information spread around the online community that the accessories Han So-hee wore were children’s toys sold at household goods stores.

The ‘Bling Bling Princess Necklace and Earring Set’ is said to be sold for only around 1,000 Won (0.85 Dollars).

In fact, the designs of the two products, which have large silver and red jewels, match perfectly.

Netizens who saw this said, “Of course, I thought it was a luxury item”, “The model is also important”, “I believe it as if it’s 10 million won, not 1,000 won,” and admired Han So-hee’s visual, which turns cheap toys into expensive luxury goods. .

On the other hand, Han So-hee’s birthday is on November 18th (today), and it seems that she held a birthday party a little earlier. She was born in 1994 and is 28 years old.

She recently played the role of Ji-woo, who infiltrated the police under a new name after entering an organization to find the culprit who killed his father in Netflix’s ‘My Name’.



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