EXO’s Suho Rumored To Get Married Early Next Year

EXO’s Suho was caught up in a rather absurd marriage rumor.

This is because of the prophecy (?) posted on an online community on November 16th.

An anonymous netizen, Mr. A, left a message on an online community saying, “EXO’s S-H will get married in February next year” trended to the top of the list.”

The poster added, “There are two members with the initials S-H in EXO, but it’s not the younger one,” which means the post was concerning Suho.

According to the poster, Suho is allegedly tying the knot on February 13 of next year around the EXO member’s official military discharge date.

Fans reacted to such a post saying “it’s a nonsense”, but opinions that “it may be true” are also coming and going.

Earlier, when EXO‘s Chen announced his girlfriend’s pregnancy and marriage, there were also online community posts that predicted his marriage.

At the time, the article was called ‘Sacred Jiggle‘ and caused a lot of discussion.

What are your thoughts on the rumors?



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