Squid Game Actor Wi Ha Joon Puts On A New Helmet For ‘Bad and Crazy’

Squid Game actor Wi Ha Joon will be putting on a helmet this time after the huge success of his latest project ‘Squid Game’.

Bad and Crazy follows a series of events that happened when the talented but misguided man Soo Yeol meets K, who is crazy and wants to bring justice to the world. The Uncanny Counter crew and Lee Dong Wook, Wi Ha Joon, and Han Ji Eun teamed up to show a cheerful and thrilling hero drama.

On November 17, the production crew released the first still photos of Wi Ha Joon. The actor has completely erased his Squid Game image and transformed himself into “K”, who is a helmet guy with a crazy sense of justice. Covered in oil, Wi Ha Joon has an innocent smile like a child, but the “craziness” in the image can be sensed based on his expression.

K, portrayed by Wi Ha Joon, is a man who believes that he is born to bring justice to a corrupt world. Meanwhile, Lee Dong Wook portrays the role of Soo Yeol, the corrupt detective.

The actor shared,

Read Wi Ha Joon‘s statement below:

“I have the shortest hair now since I was in the army. And I’ve worked out and trained a lot to pull off the action sequences needed in the series. Since it’s my first time doing a comedic act, I’ve done a lot of research and practice.”

Meanwhile, Bad and Crazy will have its first broadcast on December 17.



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