Han So Hee Had A Party Ahead Of Her 28th Birthday On November 18

Actress Han So-hee (real name Lee So-hee) had a party ahead of her birthday.

Han So-hee posted several photos on her Instagram on November 16th along with a crying face emoji.

In the photo released on this day, Han So-hee enjoyed a party ahead of her birthday on November 18th (Today). She is smiling brightly in a dress that stands out in various colors. Han So-hee, who wore colorful jewelry and decorated to the fullest, caught the eye with her Disney princess-like visuals.

She also shared photos with cakes and seaweed soup she received as gifts for her birthday. It drew attention as it contained messages of support from people around Han So-hee, such as ‘I love Lee So-hee’, ‘The only pride’, ‘Support with all my heart’, and ‘Let’s be happy’.

Netizens who saw this also commented, “Happy birthday to my sister in advance”, “You are really loved”, “You look like a Disney princess”, “Thank you for being born!!!” various reactions were shown.

In the Netflix original ‘My Name‘, which was released on October 15th of last month, Han So-hee played the role of ‘Ji-woo’, who joined an organization to find the culprit who killed her father. Through this work, she showed a raw image with a face without makeup, and she received favorable reviews for her spectacular action scenes.

Han So-hee, who is receiving a lot of attention at home and abroad through ‘My Name’ and is currently reviewing her next work.




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