(G)I-DLE’s Agency Cube Entertainment Will Not Released Their “2022 Seasons Greeting” Due To Their Tight Schedule

Cube Entertainment announced that they will not release ‘(G)I-DLE when it announced the production of Season’s Greetings for its artists.

Cube Entertainment announced on November 17th that their artists BTOB, Pentagon, and LIGHTSUM Season Greetings were sold.

However, ‘(G)I-DLE’ added that Season’s Greetings will not be released inevitably due to the artist’s schedule.

The group ‘(G)I-DLE’ debuted in 2018 with Soyeon, Minni, Miyeon, Shuhua, Woogi, and Sujin.

Since then, they have gained popularity with a number of songs such as ‘Latata’, ‘Han’, ‘Dumb Dum D’, and ‘Hwa’, but in February, when Sujin was suspected of being a perpetrator of school violence, the members went into individual activities.

Earlier, Sujin was caught up in allegations of bullying when an online community posted in February that she had assaulted and ostracized a classmate while in school. In the process, Seo Shin-ae, who graduated from the same school as Su-jin, was also identified as a victim of bullying. After Sujin complained of injustice and demanded an official position related to the school violence, Seo Shin-ae confessed through her Instagram that she had been bullied for two years.

After that, Sujin, who had been silent, announced the news of her departure to the group after six months. Cube Entertainment, Sujin’s agency, issued an official statement on October 14th of last month, saying, “We bow our heads and apologize for causing concern over the controversy related to Sujin.”

In addition, Cube Entertainment explained, “The police are currently investigating the allegation of school violence against Sujin. Sujin is still complaining about injustice, but she felt burdened by causing damage to the entire team.”

Here is Cube Entertainment Official Statement:

This is CUBE Entertainment

We would like to give you an update regarding on the release of (G)I-DLE’s 2022 Season’s Greeting.

We’re afraid that unfortunately the Season’s Greetings of (G)I-DLE for 2022 will not be released due to the artists’ tight schedule.

We would like to ask you for your deepest understanding, who have been waiting for the event.

We would appreciat your constant love and support for (G)I-DLE.

Thank you.


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