French Actress Marion Cotillard Showed Her Love For Squid Game Actress Jeong Ho Yeon

On November 15th, French Actress Marion Cotillard posted a picture on her Instagram with a caption, “IN LOVE.”

The character in the photo is Jeong Ho-yeon. It was a still cut from the Netflix series ‘Squid Game‘.

In ‘Squid Game’, Jeong Ho-yeon played the role of ‘Se Byeok’, North Korean defector who has lived a rough life. She is not trusted by the other game participants. Contrary to her delicate visuals, she presented a rough and intense performance.

Jeong Ho-yeon also responded to Cotillard. She clicked ‘Like’ on her post and left a heart emoticon.

Meanwhile, ‘Squid Game’ is a Netflix original series that tells the stories of those who participated in the mysterious survival game, which cost 456 billion won.

Since its release, it has enjoyed worldwide popularity. Until November 7th, for the first time in Netflix’s history, it maintained the top spot in the TV show category for 46 days.

Season 2 is also in the works. Director Hwang Dong-hyuk previously said, “I can promise that Ki-hoon (Lee Jung-jae) will come back and do something for the world.”



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