Comedian Kim Sook Finally Meets With ‘Squid Game’ Actress Kim Joo Ryeong Her Doppelganger(?)

Comedian Kim Sook released a series of photos with Actress Kim Joo-ryeong, who played the role of ‘Han Mi-nyeo‘ in the Netflix original series ‘Squid Game‘.

Kim Sook posted on her Instagram on November 14th with the captions, “Do we really look alike? I’ve been told by people they enjoyed my drama. But it was really her,” and tagged Kim Joo-ryeong’s Instagram account.

Along with this, she posted a picture taken with Kim Joo-ryeong. In the photo, Kim Sook and Kim Joo-ryeong are staring at the camera with their large, round eyes wide open. Their facial features and atmosphere are so similar that they believe they are sisters.

Singer Song Ga-in commented, “Wow”. Broadcaster Song Eun-yi also said, “Sooreum!! Hahaha”, causing laughter.

Netizens who saw the photos also commented, “Wow, they look so alike,” “Wow, goosebumps,” and “they do look alike.”

Kim Sook-eun is appearing in the SBS entertainment program ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny‘.



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