AOA Seolhyun Shares Adorable Childhood Photo That Proves She’s Always Had Amazing Visuals

There is a star who is attracting attention because of her childhood photos.

AOA member Seolhyun (Kim Seol Hyun) posted a photo on her Instagram account on November 16th along with a short caption, “When I was young.”

In the published photo, Seolhyun as a child was included. In the photo, Seolhyun is boasting a lovely beauty with the same features as now. There are various charms, such as cute expressions, on the face of childhood.

Fellow actress Shin So-yul, who shared the photo, responded with a strong reaction, “It’s like the photo was taken yesterday.”

Netizens also showed reactions such as “She’s always cool”, “Your face is a perfect V-line”, and “I love you”.

Seolhyun starred in the tvN drama ‘Awaken‘, which ended in January. After taking a break, he recently opened a personal YouTube channel and is actively communicating with his fans.



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