3 Best Fashion Looks Of Blackpink’s Jennie: Training Outfits, Jeans On Jeans & Preppy Look

When it comes to fashion, Blackpink Jennie established herself into becoming one of the leading fashionistas in the entertainment industry by nailing every outfit she wears. In addition, as long as Jennie wears it, clothes with the name ‘Jennie’ will be rampant in any shopping mall. Here are the top 3 best fashion looks of Jennie.


This is Jennie‘s hip-hop training setup. If you style it with only one color, there is a risk that it may look flat and monotonous. However, Jennie chose a green training setup made of velvet material, making it look more fabulous and expensive. She wore a cropped hooded zip-up without an inner and wore slim-fitting pants to accentuate her toned body.

In addition, Jennie added a natural mood by not tying the laces attached to the pants but directing it as it is. It is a training suit that can look ordinary when you look at the clothes, but with sunglasses and hairstyles of a unique shape, Jennie‘s unique atmosphere was filled.


Jennie boasts a gorgeous visual even outside the stage.  Jennie also digested the blue and green fashion in her own style. In the photo, Jennie is wearing a unique denim jacket with a wine-colored leather zip-up. A unique fashion sense is felt in the appearance of layering two outers.

She matched jeans with vintage printing here, and the wide fit and long length completed the street mood.  Jennie, who exuded a chic charm by wearing black sunglasses, boasted a ‘power celebrity’ visual and made it impossible to take everyone’s eyes off it.


In addition to the chic and sexy concept, the innocent and cute styling is also Jennie‘s preppy look that goes well with ‘perfect rice cake’.  Jennie showed off a youthful look like a teenage heroine by matching a gray pleated skirt with a white short-sleeved T-shirt with lettering. Here, the tone and manner were matched by wearing a knit vest, which can be said to be a ‘must-have item’ of the preppy look.

Jennie, who calmly directed the best and skirt colors, decorated the points with a kitsch necklace and cell phone grip talk and did not miss the cuteness.



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