Hyun Bin Confirmed To Star In Director Woo Min Ho’s Next Film ‘Harbin’

Hyun Bin confirmed his appearance in director Woo Min-ho’s next film, Harbin.

Director Woo Min-ho’s next film, Harbin,  is set in Harbin in the early 1900s. It is a masterpiece of spy action that deals with the stories of independence fighters who were risking their lives to reclaim their country.

Hyun Bin, who is gaining explosive popularity both domestically and abroad by going back and forth between movies and dramas, confirmed his appearance in <Harbin> based on the completeness and fun of the scenario and trust in director Woo Min-ho.

In the movie <Harbin>, Hyun Bin will perform complex emotional and action performances, such as the loneliness of those living in an era in which their country has disappeared, and the anxiety and responsibility in the midst of the independence movement that risked their lives.

The movie <Harbin> is produced by Hive Media Corp, the creators of ‘Inside Men’, ‘The Managers of Namsan’ and ‘Just Save Me from Evil’. It is expected to become a masterpiece of spy action that crosses Korea, Russia, and China, and the best domestic staff members will join the show.

The movie <Harbin>, which is more anticipated with the meeting of director Woo Min-ho and Hyun Bin, is scheduled to start filming in 2022.

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