Super Junior Kim Hee Cheol Shares Photos Taken With AOA Seolyun In Knowing Brothers

Super Junior member Kim Hee-cheol  released a photo of himself with AOA member Seol-hyun (real name Kim Seol-hyun).

On November 13th, Kim Heechul wrote on Instagram and posted a photo with a caption, “My mate 💚👫🏫 #Knowing Bros #Seolhyun”

This is a picture taken with Seolhyun affectionately. Seolhyun is taking a V pose next to Heechul Kim. In Kim Heechul’s remarks, a special friendship towards his junior Seolhyun . It seems to be the filming location of JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’, a comprehensive programming channel. Seolhyun appeared on ‘Knowing Bros’, which aired on the same day, and revealed an unusual friendship with Kim Hee-cheol.

Seolhyun directly left a comment on the photo posted by Heechul Kim. Seolhyun wrote a playful comment, “Fall away. Don’t fall, stick. Don’t fall, don’t fall. Stick. Don’t stick, don’t fall.”

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