Song Ji Hyo Is Gaining Attention Showing Her Hair Chopped Off

It looks like actress Song Ji Hyo has decided to chop her hair off for a totally new look!

On November 13, Song Ji Hyo teased fans with a backside photo, writing, “This is a short cut.”

Shortly afterward, the actress followed up with another post, revealing the front view of her new hair cut! She added on, “This feellow kekekekkeke is pretty handsome kekekekeke.” 

The photo shows Song Ji-hyo wearing a new hairstyle and showing it to fans for the first time. Song Ji-hyo, who has had medium and medium-sized hair in the meantime, cuts her hair and iis gaining attention.

With the short haircut, Song Ji-hyo showed a boyish beauty. Song Ji-hyo also said, “This is really good-looking” whether he felt a boyish beauty, and the reaction of the fans is continuing.

Fans were equally shocked by Song Ji Hyo’s radical transformation and commented, “Wow unnie, I have no idea how to react… you’re so handsome, no you’re so pretty, idk!!”, “So handsome!!!”, “Unnie, what is it for? A new drama??”, “Omggg I love you”, “Unnie you almost gave me a heart attack!! Please give us a hint about why you cut it TT”, and more. 


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