‘Work Later, Drink Now’ Gains Attention Over A Kissing Scene

Work Later, Drink Now

A discussion continues over a scene from the TVING web drama ‘Work Later, Drink Now‘.

In the TV show ‘Work Later, Drink Now‘, which aired on November 5th, an episode of Kang Ji-gu (played by Jung Eun-ji) working as a high school teacher in the past was reported.

Ji-gu Kang had time alone with her student Park Se-jin (Shin Ji-hyo), who begs her to buy her alcohol even though she is a minor.

Ji-gu Kang prepared a can of carbonated beverage and a can of ionic beverage, and said, “Let’s think of it as soju and have a drink.”

Sejin, a student who heard this, asked meaningfully, “No one really says anything even if I drink alcohol. Rather than that, the teacher wonders why my parents transferred me to this school. You might be surprised if you hear it.”

Kang Ji-ji firmly drew a line saying, “If you make a rag or something strange again, I won’t leave you alone.

After continuing the conversation for a while, her student Sejin said, “Are you sure you won’t be embarrassed?” Then, suddenly, she kissed Ji-gu, a teacher and an adult, on the lips.

When Kang Ji-gu wiped her lips and asked, “What are you doing?” Sejin said, “Are you even more shy about this than a mop?”

Netizens who saw this were divided into two opinions. First of all, the one who said, “I inserted a kissing scene between the same sexes for the dramatic effect of the drama” showed positive reactions such as “The world seems to be changing more and more”, “Scenes like this should also appear”, “It was a fresh scene” and etc.

There were also opposing opinions. They raised concerns such as “It’s a crime to kiss without the other person’s consent”, “It doesn’t matter if they are of the same sex, but the problem is that they suddenly kissed in secret”, “If you think about the real situation, the person being hurt will be very embarrassed” and etc.

The TV web drama ‘Work Later, Drink Now‘ is co-starred by Lee Seon-bin, Han Seon-hwa, and Jung Eun-ji. The work is a full-fledged riding tactic drama depicting the daily lives of three women whose belief in life is a glass of wine at the end of the day.



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