Shin Hye Sun And Lee Jun Young To Star In The Upcoming Movie ‘Brave Citizen’

The movie ‘Brave Citizen’, a film adaptation of Naver’s popular webtoon of the same name confirms the casting of actors Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jun Young as the main characters.

Shin Hye Sun, who has been entitled as a box-office actress for her dramas like ‘Queen Cheolin’, ‘Dan, One Love’, ‘Thirty but Seventeen’, and the movie ‘Government’ and ‘Innocence’, is a screen-casting actress who will have a comeback as an actress with ‘Brave Citizen’ to bring injustice very seriously. She plays the role of So Si-min, a heroic hero who is patient with life, and shows off a limitless transformation once again.

She was a boxing prospect that everyone notice since she was in school, but she adapts to the unavoidable reality and lives as a fixed-term teacher. Her only goal is to become a full-time teacher. Shin Hye Sun is known for her perfect acting skills. The actress is expected to give the audience a pleasure they have never seen before by foretelling that she can nail a realistic action performance through this work.

While, Lee Joon Young plays the role of Han Su-gang, a student who opposes So-shi-min, a fixed-term teacher with extraordinary specifications. He is attracting attention as a next-generation rising star by capturing the public with his strong presence in the Netflix original ‘DP’, which has been loved recently.

‘Brave Citizen’ was based on the original Naver webtoon ‘Brave Citizen’ (written by Kim Jung-Hyun/pictured) of the same name, which shows the pleasant action of a female hero, and will show cool and exhilarating hero action that has never been seen in existing Korean movies. Director Park Jin-Pyo is in charge of directing, and writers Yeo-Na and Hyeon Choong-Yeol, who led the Korean box office syndrome with ‘Wonderful Rumors’, are in charge of the screenplay.

‘Brave Citizen’ is a life-oriented hero action movie depicting the story of a woman who was once a boxing prospect but became a fixed-term teacher and faces the injustice that she has to endure in order to become a full-time teacher. Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jun Young appear, and director Park Jin-Pyo of ‘Accomplices’, ‘My Love By My Side’, ‘That Guy’s Voice’ and ‘You Are My Destiny’ took the megaphone.

 The scheduled premiere will be in December and investment is being positively reviewed as a wave original movie.


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