‘My Love from the Star’ Will Have A Japanese Remake

Korean drama ‘My Love from the Star’ will have a Japanese Remake

The Japanese weekly true story revealed that the drama ‘My Love from the Star’ starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Yeon will have a remake as an Amazon Prime original drama in Japan.

‘My Love from the Star’ is a drama depicting a miraculous sweet and lively romance between Do Min Joon (Kim Soo-hyun), an extraterrestrial man who fell to Earth 400 years ago, and Cheon Song-i (Jeon Ji Hyun), the top star of the Korean Wave. It is considered to be the work that ignited the Korean Wave, causing a craze for chimaek (chicken and beer) not only in Korea but also in China.

Do Min-jun, played by Kim Soo Hyun, will be portrayed by Fukushi Sota, who establish himself as a Japanese youth star. Souta Fukushi established himself as a rising star with the movies ‘I’ll meet you tomorrow, yesterday’s, the dramas ‘I’ll take a break from work today, ‘Divers – Special Infiltration Class -‘, and ‘Beloved’, which is also famous in the country. The actor also visited Korea as a presenter at the ‘MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards’ in 2018.

The role of Cheon Song-i, played by Jeon Ji Yeon , is expected to be played by Yamamoto Mizuki. As a model, she appeared in the movie ‘Pitch Girl’, a live-action adaptation of a popular cartoon, and the drama ‘Doctor X ~Surgeon Daimon Michiko~’. He married Seto Koji, who worked together in the drama ‘Perfect World’ last year, and became a hot topic.

Meanwhile,the remake version of ‘My Love from the Stars’ will be released for the first time on Amazon Prime in January 2022.


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