Lee Jong Suk Unveiled His 2022 Season Greetings

Actor Lee Jong-suk posted a picture on his Instagram on the afternoon of November 12th along with the sentence “2022 season greetings. It’s all gone this year.”

In the photo released this time, Lee Jong-suk is showing intense eyes through the smoke.

Above all, Lee Jong-suk caught the attention of viewers by exuding a more mature masculine beauty while wearing a shirt and a tie.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong-suk chose tvN’s new drama ‘Big Mouse‘ as his next work. ‘Big Mouse‘ is a story of a privileged class stained with a huge conspiracy to protect the family, in order to survive and become a rare genius con artist ‘Big Mouse’ overnight after getting caught up in a murder case that a living lawyer with a win rate of 10% is in charge of. It’s a story about uncovering the true face.



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