BTS’s RM Is Having His “Worst Day” Of 2021, Here’s Why

BTS leader RM confessed that he accidentally deleted a song file he had been working on for the past year. Even though he said, “This is the worst day of the year, he showed affection for his fans.

RM said through the fan community ‘Weverse’ on the 12th, “I accidentally deleted the file today, so all the files I’ve been working on for over a year have all gone away. He shared the sad news, saying, “I’m almost done… I think it’s the worst day of the year.”

As fans’ concerns continued, RM immediately explained the situation in detail. He explained, “I’m afraid you’re worried, but it’s just one song. The rest of the songs were kept well by other people, but I don’t think I can do it again because I’ve recorded over 60 tracks.”

However, RM did not give up and asked fans, “I’m still good, so I’ll definitely listen to it someday. I hope you all use the (computer) cleaning program carefully.”

The fans of BTS could not hide their regret. The netizens said, “It’s the first time I’ve seen such an upsetting post. It’s so sad”, “Armys around the world are discussing how to recover their hair together”, “When will you start working on 60 tracks excluding instruments? It must be a song,” and “Even if it’s only one day away, it’s a mental breakdown, but it’s been a year.”



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