Actors Jin Goo, Ha Do Kwon And Lee Won Geun To Star In A Webtoon-Adapted Drama ‘Superior Day’

Jin Goo, Ha Do Kwon, and Lee Won Geun confirmed casting in OCN’s new drama ‘A Superior Day’

‘A Superior Day’ is a 24-hour thriller in which only the most superior survives. The ordinary man must kill the serial killer who lives next door and save her kidnapped daughter. The drama is based on the popular thriller webtoon ‘Superior Day’ by Tim Getname, which consists of writer Kim Kanby of “Sweet Home” and writer Aruani of “Doctor Hound”. Director Nam Hyeon Cho, co-director of ‘Gumiho’, who won 5 awards in the international film festivals through ‘Drama Stage 2021 – Proxy’.

Jin Goo plays the role of Ho Cheol Lee, a firefighter who needs to rescue his kidnapped daughter. He is an ordinary head of the household with nothing special about his inconspicuous appearance and is the typical father of stupid daughters. However, he will do anything if someone puts his family in danger or if his family is put in dangerous situations. In short, he is willing to protect his family at all costs. He needs to find the serial killer in just one day, the one who also abducted her daughter.

Ha Do Kwon takes on the role of Bae Tae-jin, a contract killer who chases after a serial killer. He is an intelligent solver who leaves no traces with a perfect plan. He chases after the serial killer and plans to kidnap Lee Ho Cheol’s daughter and kill him for some reason.

Lee Won Geun takes on the role of Kwon Si-woo, a serial killer who believes he is superior to anyone else in the world. Armed with pure and clear eyes and kindness in his body, Siwoo Kwon’s true identity is a psychopath who enjoys the superiority that comes from his murder. How much has Lee Won Geun grown through this?

Meanwhile, ‘A Superior Day’ is scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2022.


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